Start Freelancing Today!

If you are chomping at the bit to get started with your freelancing, know there are some great places out there where you can start working today. For each of these websites, you must make an account and pay a monthly fee, which can vary based on the type of account you wish to get, and sometimes you must pay for your bids.

These marketplaces can be very competitive but they are an excellent place for new writers to begin. You can find work here if you are patient, and start building up your portfolio while you get your name out there and some of your writing published. You’ll also be able to build up references, and as long as you focus on writing well and providing great customer service, you’ll do fine.

I actually got my start using accounts on these websites and I still occasionally use them. I still have clients I work for that formed relationships with me over these marketplaces, so there is plenty of opportunity out there if you know how to approach it.

It’s All In The Approach

The two most important things you need to know about approaching these websites is how to make your portfolio, resume, and cover letter all effective and eye catching, especially when you are just starting and have no reviews (since you will have to compete with some established people). The second thing is knowing how to talk to your customers and pitch your ideas as well as your approach to writing for them so they will want to hire you. Basically, you have to have a decent plan.

We’ll Cover Client Service and Communication

These two concepts I will be providing pointers and blogs on for you shortly, so hang tight. I’ll let you know how I overcame these boundaries, learned how to make my approach to writing for others with my unique strategy that also focused on treating all my clients individually and effectively. Some of this is about your personality and approach to writing, so you’ll have to develop your own approach to it, but you will get a good example in a few days when I tell you how I did it.

So, what are these marketplaces? The first two, Upwork and Freelancer, have it all, from direct live messaging services to an excellent selection of opportunity. Now, you may have to start small and write for a bit less than you want to build up your reputation at first, but it will pay off later. The last two, Guru and Outsource, are excellent places for projects, but do not have direct messaging, so getting projects can be a bit slower. However, all are worth a try.

Four Marketplaces So You Can Start Freelancing Today!

Freelancer is the largest marketplace in the world for not only freelance writers, but every freelancer imaginable. If you can hangout online and make time to talk to people hiring writers, you’ll have the ability to make a quick impression and get work quickly. Here, you pay a monthly fee for the amount of bids and the type of account you wan.

Upwork also has instant messaging, and you can get work the same day you apply, but things tend to move a little more slowly than Freelancer. Still, it’s worth it to hang out on Upwork or get the app to your phone while you’re online or working so you appear as available for messaging to possible clients–this is going to get you more attention and more projects.  On Upwork, you either pay nothing or $10 monthly, but you do have to pay for each bid, which will cost you around 50 cents to one dollar per bid. So, you want to pick things you not only want to do, but you feel fits what employers expect out of a freelancer. .com has a lot of great freelance writing jobs and is well worth the sign up. You can pay monthly or yearly for an account and your bids, as it does cost each time you bid on a project. However, if you pay for the full year, you get pretty much all the bids you need and save a good deal of money. There is no instant messaging, but you will get messages from clients, and have the ability to bid per project. It’s a fairly decent paying website for freelancers, so it’s worth the wait and the sign up. Another great thing here is that newbies are hired freely without reviews as long as they have good portfolios and resumes. .com also has some good paying jobs, but lacks an instant messaging/chat feature, and tends to move more slowly for getting projects. Still, it’s worth the sign up, because many of the writing projects pay well. Also, on this marketplace, newbies are welcome. A monthly account fee and per bid fee are both required, and Outsource can run a bit high on that, but when you land the decently paying projects as a newer freelancer, which is very likely here, you’ll be happy

Get Started Freelancing Today!

Which one is the best to begin with? My suggestion is to select at least one between Freelancer and Upwork, as well as one between Guru and Outsource if you cannot afford all of them right away. However, your goal should be to eventually go for all four accounts for self-promotion and also a stronger workload. There will be a lot more writing opportunity out there for you. So, after you’ve started with at least two of the four, your next step is to plan to sign up for the final two you left off your list. And, coming soon, we will cover exactly how to build your writing resume, portfolio, and cover letter, as well as how to effectively approach clients in order to maximize your job offerings.

Now, best of luck to you. Get out there and have some fun freelancing!

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Author: drklnelsonsblog

As well as being a longtime, award winning professor with four grad degrees, I am an experienced published writer of books, academic journals, newspaper journalism articles and magazine articles. I hold four graduate degrees--MA English, MA History, MS Psychology and a doctorate in Educational Technology. I have been a professor for over 16 years and have taught and developed classes for all four subjects I hold degrees in. I have also taught first grade and kindergarten, and taught upcoming teachers in K-12 as a professor. Teaching writing along with psychology, education, and history as a professor for 16 plus years helped my personal writing and teaching abilities excel. My deep analysis of content taught me to have a unique sense of perfectionism which is now a now standard expectation I require of myself. I am a rare type of professor and researcher not only because of my many years in academia but also because of my 400 plus published blog and academic journal articles, and other published writings. I have respect for the amazing power of words and the importance of communication, which is something I think many overlook.

17 thoughts on “Start Freelancing Today!”

  1. Holy Moly! How qualified are you? ; ) Nice to read your blog and I wonder how much your experience and qualifications stand you on better ground for picking up those juicy contracts. I have played around with upwork for quite some time but find the pennies disappointing. I wonder if the ones that I start with an smaller projects ever do develop into something big. I am just about to write a 2k paper for $50 and I’m half-thinking why bother but other part of me thinks it might pay off?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank you! You know, I had to build up my reviews a bit on both Upwork and Freelancer, and really, really look hard to find good gigs, but they are honestly there. It takes some profile building and small jobs at first. I have done a lot of research on this so I have several other websites I’ll be sharing soon that are not quite as competitive as that. I can promise Outsource and Guru are pretty worth it as long as you already have some writing published and a good background, and people don’t commonly review there (I never got any reviews there but found decent jobs). It’s all really about having a good portfolio (how you pitch yourself and I will be writing about that soon on this blog–I used to teach it), and making sure you respond to messages–hangout on Upwork and Freelancer and you’ll automatically get more work because employers will see you are there and talk to the writers that are online–and they are the people that get the jobs. With Outsource and Gurur there is no live messaging but people will ask you to Skype and expect a quick response if they hire you. Think about how the little jobs lead to the big ones like your small paper.


      1. yes my thoughts, the one for 50 bucks gives me an opportunity to write lots of blogs, white-papers and longer pieces which is nice. I have a final stage chat with a potential for writing briefs for a genuine agency so I am hoping on that. The other idea is the random calling of ad agencies and copywriting websites looking for work. Anyway thanks again I am just reviving my spirit again.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Nice piece! (It is the kind of article that people seem to like to read on my blog. I suppose we tend to be interested in “making money” and “putting food on the table” with our efforts!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Right! We should KIT, because it’s been my most popular one, too, and the direction I plan on taking the entire website. I want to turn it into a place for writer education and jobs and also give writers a chance to write on it, share stories, publish profiles… I just have a bit of work to do to get there. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I look forward to what you have to say. Just in case you have not read my astrology forecast(s), this is a good time for writers, especially this weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thanks! I’m still just hardly starting up but I feel blessed I am getting interest in the idea. My ultimate goal is to attract some investment and/or use the affiliates to be create employment and hire writers to contribute as well.


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