Check Out My New Publications!

So I’ve got some new article publications to announce this week. If you want to check out my articles, feel free to. I’d be honored if you read them!

Eventually I hope to share not only my publications, but once I can afford to pay and hire other writers to contribute here, the articles of my website contributors will also be shared on the blog. That could be anyone of you.

So here are three that were published this week. Click on them to view:

Tempesta Media Publications:

Avoid Burning Out at Work With These Few Simple Steps

Best tank tops for women this summer


Is the Fountain of Youth Really Swimming in the Sea?

Author: drklnelsonsblog

As well as being a longtime, award winning professor with four grad degrees, I am an experienced published writer of books, academic journals, newspaper journalism articles and magazine articles. I hold four graduate degrees--MA English, MA History, MS Psychology and a doctorate in Educational Technology. I have been a professor for over 16 years and have taught and developed classes for all four subjects I hold degrees in. I have also taught first grade and kindergarten, and taught upcoming teachers in K-12 as a professor. Teaching writing along with psychology, education, and history as a professor for 16 plus years helped my personal writing and teaching abilities excel. My deep analysis of content taught me to have a unique sense of perfectionism which is now a now standard expectation I require of myself. I am a rare type of professor and researcher not only because of my many years in academia but also because of my 400 plus published blog and academic journal articles, and other published writings. I have respect for the amazing power of words and the importance of communication, which is something I think many overlook.

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