So What’s the @#*%$ Point of this Blog and Two Interesting New Jobs for Writers

Hi guys,

I know there are some of you out there that know what the eventual goal of my blog and website are. There are others of you out there wondering what the @#%$ is going on with my blog. Trust me, there are many days I wonder myself what the @#%$ I’m doing. It’s a gig that takes a lot of hard work and dedication on my part to make it grow.

Writers Jobs and Education

Well, I’m growing it and proud of it, and the point of this website is not only to be a free forum for both jobs and education for writers (and yes, I will eventually develop some classes and offer those as well as interactive tutorials, videos, and all the stuff I know how to do for you to teach you all about writing since I’ve been an online writing professor for 16 years).

This Blog Will Generate Employment for Writers Like You

But that’s not the only two goals I have. I want to be able to use whatever affiliate, investment, or whatever money it generates to pay myself back since I have to buy a lot of the stuff I write about for now, and to hire other writers to write for me—again about writers’ jobs and writers’ education (sharing stories and experiences).

This Blog Will Also Showcase Portfolios for Writers Like You

I also hope to allow writers to make portfolios and showcase. Yes, I know I showcase too, but it’s my blog so I can do what I want with it (imagine me sticking out my tongue now) but honestly it’s a goal I have to allow others to do it, too. So much of what I’m doing I’m opening up to others whenever I can generate any type of profit.

So, the MAJOR goal is to create jobs for freelance writers with this website. Right now I can only ask you if you want to contribute, in which case you can, but I feel bad asking without paying for that talent.

So How’s The Blog Doing So Far?

And the truth so far about how it’s going with this blog and website is that it’s going quite well. I am pleasantly surprised by how well it’s been received. I’m positive I’ll be able to reach the major goal, although it will take some time, it’s getting there. And I’m massively excited about the idea I had since I am one of those great idea people that typically doesn’t follow through or even start the idea. Well, I couldn’t let this one go.

NOW onto the jobs I’ve found.

I’ve got two new and interesting jobs for you to take a peek at. Who knows, this could be your ticket to the better life. Click on the titles to see more.

A & M Editor.

Oxford University Press Acquisitions Editor.

So what’s the descriptions for these jobs? Well, that’s why I put hyperlinks in, but to make a long story short, you go to New York to edit stuff for some pretty big companies.

How did I find these jobs? I’m a member of this website (again, click on the name, hyperlink included):

It’s worth a look and they do have remote jobs for writers on They basically will send you daily updates of job matches (and the jobs really do match with them unlike some other very random job matches I get from other job search sites), and you can also advertise your skills to potential employers through them, although it does cost to do this.

I’ve found Startwire to be worthwhile as far as the types and amount of writers’ jobs they advertise. So it’s worth it to take a whirl if you’re looking for employment.

Good luck with your job search!

Author: drklnelsonsblog

As well as being a longtime, award winning professor with four grad degrees, I am an experienced published writer of books, academic journals, newspaper journalism articles and magazine articles. I hold four graduate degrees--MA English, MA History, MS Psychology and a doctorate in Educational Technology. I have been a professor for over 16 years and have taught and developed classes for all four subjects I hold degrees in. I have also taught first grade and kindergarten, and taught upcoming teachers in K-12 as a professor. Teaching writing along with psychology, education, and history as a professor for 16 plus years helped my personal writing and teaching abilities excel. My deep analysis of content taught me to have a unique sense of perfectionism which is now a now standard expectation I require of myself. I am a rare type of professor and researcher not only because of my many years in academia but also because of my 400 plus published blog and academic journal articles, and other published writings. I have respect for the amazing power of words and the importance of communication, which is something I think many overlook.

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