The Website Revamp’s Progressing, Reaching #5 Writer Rank on Blasting News

So, the website’s been moved over so we can start redesigning it in You’re going to see a major overhaul and some of the fantastic, funny, funky, fun features I wanted to add to the website as we get closer to the affiliate goal of producing jobs for writers. So it’s in progress right now, and I’m excited about the features for this little idea of mine.

While I might seem quiet over here, it’s just because of the modifications and website redesign forcing me offline at times.

As most of you know, the last thing I am is a quiet person.

In fact, I’ve been pretty loud this week.

Along with this little update of mine are the articles that were published this week.

This week’s rantings and ravings

I’m just warning you; you’re going to notice that unlike some of my other articles I published and shared here, these writings sound a whole lot like the way I write when I write on my blog, to you guys. I sound totally different with my writing style in these articles in comparison to some of the other links I shared. And the reason why follows my little link list.

Women say goodbye to dead presidents: what feminine face will grace the $20 bill

Voting and more reasons why you should never let go of your voice

Voting it out while wading in the waters of hogwash: never ditch the ballot box

Planned Parenthood, do you have to like what they stand for to like what they do?

Sell-Out labeling: how is it an insult? Sanders gets called one

Einstein’s interestingly described jacket sold for a massive amount

So the story goes something like this…

About two weeks ago, I just had that “I wish I could…” feeling. I wish I could find outlets that let me write the way I want to write or places that allow me to write with my personality. I get to do that on my blog, but I wanted another outlet just to boost me up a bit.

People always told me I could write funny, sarcastic criticisms about—well, whatever I felt like picking on or felt very mad about at the moment. But other than using this as a parlor trick or making my lectures funny when I wrote them to teach, I didn’t get to unleash much of this.

I started at Blasting News this past week and although they mentioned after seeing my writing samples what it has they liked about me was the one thing I’d never heard anybody compliment before. They enjoyed the way I wrote satire on my blog with such personality. In fact, they wanted me to write like that. I suppose I was too dumbfounded to get it at first.

Like most writers, I love writing and don’t mind doing it all day, but to make people happy, you give customers what they want and not what you want in that type of writing. And you learn to live with it.  I was so used to that I just did that with my first article, almost as if by route. It was ok enough to be published, but maybe it was because they realized they might need to rile the sarcasm out of me.

The second article I added flavor, a bit of personality, and still just closed my mouth and my pen. So finally, I was directed to go “full blast and unleash” what they had seen me do, knew I could do, but I just couldn’t seem to do it writing for somebody else.

Learning to let go

So onto my third article and suddenly, a miraculous thing happened. I let go. I was writing how I wanted to write, then getting published for it, and it went viral. After this article, it became natural to write like this for this online news agency. Easily, several more like it followed. Somehow, I went up to number 5 in rankings in US writers in one week.  I’m floored.

It’s an amazing thing; I’m surprised anybody wants to hear my rantings as they aren’t musings, and they’re certainly not poetry.

Surprises can be discoveries

Once somebody wants you to be yourself as a writer and sees something in you don’t even see, and I still don’t see it, it’s still a beautiful thing. It’s like Zen, except my Zen, isn’t very quiet. I can’t stop laughing when I’m writing, and there isn’t anything about what I’m writing that’s relaxing. But it’s a lot more fun than stressing out about what style somebody wants me to produce with my writing and much easier.

So, honestly, you just never know who might look at your blog—it brought me a very nice opportunity to write like who I am. Plus, it’s boosting up my website and blog, bringing me closer to that potential goal of mine to make my website dedicated to writers’ education, job searches, and ultimately, providing writing jobs, which is part of why the website update is taking place this very moment

Since I’ve started up this blog, I’ve felt like opportunity finally opened up some triple dead bolted steel doors that were so closed off and uninviting before I never dared to look at them.

So the point is, just keep on blogging with your true personality and style. You never know where it’s going to lead you.

Well, here’s to being daring and no longer withholding, and to intervening that fear that made me so afraid of something  I locked it up. I misunderstood myself; I should have just allowed it out years ago.


Author: drklnelsonsblog

As well as being a longtime, award winning professor with four grad degrees, I am an experienced published writer of books, academic journals, newspaper journalism articles and magazine articles. I hold four graduate degrees--MA English, MA History, MS Psychology and a doctorate in Educational Technology. I have been a professor for over 16 years and have taught and developed classes for all four subjects I hold degrees in. I have also taught first grade and kindergarten, and taught upcoming teachers in K-12 as a professor. Teaching writing along with psychology, education, and history as a professor for 16 plus years helped my personal writing and teaching abilities excel. My deep analysis of content taught me to have a unique sense of perfectionism which is now a now standard expectation I require of myself. I am a rare type of professor and researcher not only because of my many years in academia but also because of my 400 plus published blog and academic journal articles, and other published writings. I have respect for the amazing power of words and the importance of communication, which is something I think many overlook.

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