Social Media Just Might Get You Your Dream Job: Sign Up for Twitter and LinkedIn

Hi wonderful writers,

When you’re looking for job resources, don’t discount social media. I did a bit of research on Twitter today and found several great feeds that list probably thousands of available writing jobs, some remote, others not. So, if you aren’t actively using social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn, to poke around for something good, make sure you sign up for those accounts. After all, they are free, and signing up just might give you the job of your dreams.

After doing some research, I put together this nice Twitter list you can go through and look closely at while you job search. Good luck and I hope me taking to the time to do this saves you time in your job search.

Twitter list of Writing Job Websites

Writers and Website Update, Ranking #2 at Blasting News

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the kind Emails I’ve gotten about my own articles and those that are interested in writing for the website. I’ll be back to writing more helpful freelance writing pointers again shortly. Vacations are great but I missed writing.

First, remember, if you are interested in contributing to the website to build up your portfolio, shoot me an Email. I’m saving names right now so that within the next two to three weeks I can start taking resumes and applications from those that expressed interest. If you’d like to share freelancing experiences or tips to writers and build your portfolio, this will be a great place for you—newbies are welcome. Yes, it will be paid and you can send me your rates, and it has potential to be ongoing depending on writing performance.

And if you simply need work, shoot me an Email or use the contact form on my website. By nature of what I do for this website, I have researched so much about jobs for writers I can hook you up with something right away, even if you don’t write here. There’s no obligation, I’m just happy to help, and I know a lot about great places for new writers or writers needing immediate work.

Here are the latest Blasting News articles written by yours truly, I hope you read them and enjoy. I’m ranking at #2 in the U.S. now, which is shocking me, but also truly touching and overwhelming.


Trump’s strange reasons for not releasing his taxes in response to Democratic pressure

Melania Trump’s the first possible First Lady to do a photoshoot in her birthday suit

The 2016 election of Trump vs. Clinton is like a bad Tim Burton sequel


Take the time to read and share if you can, as it helps both me and the website generate jobs for other writers.

Thanks so much!

Update: Writers will be needed soon, Ranking #3 at Blasting News

Hi everybody,

I’m back, and while there is still website work to be done, I took a brief vacation, and have also managed to start getting more ideas together for this website about content direction.

So, I will be hiring some writers to help me out with writing some articles soon, and while everybody is free to contribute anything related to writing experiences or writing items, software, platforms, etc, that can help other writers, I also have a list of items I want to conquer.

And remember, if you are in need of work as a writer, don’t be shy to reach out to me—not necessarily writing for the website, but just because I’m here to help and can guide you toward some opportunities that should allow you to get paid for your work pretty quickly and continuously.

While the website was down, I kept on going at Blasting News, and wanted to share a list of my political satire articles I’ve published. I’m ranking in as the #3 writer in the US at Blasting News and proud it’s going well, because it’s only going to help the promotion and development of this website, which is my little dream project. I can’t help but want to keep educating about writing, and just help writers find where they should be job wise in this crazy world.

If you are interested in writing for the website, as I’m already creating a list of people who wish to write for the website. After I develop the list I’ll ask some of you for examples, prices, etc. While payment won’t be big bucks, it’ll be decent, and you’ll get the chance to create a portfolio and be featured as a writer on the blog.

In the meantime, check out my articles listed at Blasting News, and I’m patting myself on the back for somehow miraculously getting to #3 and developing an audience I appreciate more than this writer’s words can express.


Einstein’s interestingly described jacket sold for a massive amount

Sell-Out labeling: how is it really an insult? Sanders gets called one

Women say goodbye to dead presidents: what feminine face will grace the $20 bill?I Hi

Planned Parenthood, do you have to like what they stand for to like what they do?

Sign of crisis: Trump-Pence logo designer should win some kind of parting gift

Voting and more reasons why you should never let go of your voice

Voting it out while wading in the waters of hogwash: never ditch the ballot box

Newt Gingrich gets overlooked, but still had to get his name in the papers

Republican over-expose to Trump’s agenda distorts the party’s moral compass

Trump insists he doesn’t advertise, yet dumps six figures into Twitter ads

Presidents must self-sacrifice: does Trump have what it takes?

Time for Dallas, with hope: I also threw out time

Hillary Clinton’s persona: will it set the stage for women in the future?

Ted Cruz sounds off on Trump, surprising just about everybody

Establishment made him a fortune, so how is Trump anti-establishment?

President Obama brings out facts to disprove Trump’s claims

Clinton method application: how you, too, can think like the Clintons

The Clinton Foundation, what is it about and where does the money go?

Clinton’s not so interesting speech shows just how tired of her everybody’s become

Democrats and Clinton are teaching people what not to do when running for office

Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets Clinton cozier with a cushy new job offer

Bill Maher comes out on the side of Clinton with some interesting comments about wolves

Trump continues looking not so Presidential, battling it out with father of a fallen hero

Trump fails the test on defining “sacrifices,” insults the father of a fallen hero

I guess it’s fair to say I don’t like either candidate or most politicians. Know that who I’m voting for is actually apparent in my “Voting it out” and “Voting and more” articles. I’m voting, just not for either one of these two.

Thanks, your support and reading is appreciated!

Social Media Can Make Learning Fun!

If you are interested in this topic, my Iatest article is covering it.  Please comment on it:

Teachers: Learn how to use social media for effective and fun teaching strategies.

Do You Have a Talent You Want to Market for Extra Money? I’ll Tell You Where To Go!

Listen, we’ve all got those little-used talents we probably enjoy doing but can’t seem to justify spending time on—or are just too busy otherwise to spend time on. I can admit—I am not the most talented person if you were to categorize my strengths and weaknesses.

I’m certainly no Martha Stewart.  I have the short-term memory of a three-month old cat. I’m not the most organized person with my things on the block. In fact, I don’t even think I know the definition of what organization is (as it applies to a house or a closet). I am artistically messy, I suppose. I can find anything I need to if I created the mess, but once I organize that mess, I can’t find a thing. My long-term memory is fantastic and it makes me an academic, but if you tell me to buy milk on the way home, I’m positive I’ll forget to because that takes some short-term-memory capabilities I simply don’t have. Yes, I’m pretty sure my cat’s got a better short-term memory than I have.

My Story of My One-Talent Success

But I had one talent I was not using much of for a very long time—I was always a strong writer—in grade school, high school, and college, and even working as a professor. But writing took a huge, huge backburner to my career teaching, and it’s only lately that I’ve been able to find balance and learned that I could create that hidden seldom used talent that I loved—that of writing—into a real money making career.

It’s taken a leap of faith and some good research, but in all honesty, it’s true. You can use that fantastically hidden talent of yours, and freelance it, to make an income—whether it be full time or just for extra money. And you really can do this, even if you have the short-term memory skills below that of the average kitten or the inability to organize your items and then find them later (I’m living proof).

Don’t Be Shy: Advertise Yourself

Some of the best places to go mean you have to advertise yourself a bit. But this gives you the freedom to pick the types of work you wish to do, and that’s a bonus. So, what’s the harm in advertising your skills a bit to see where it might take you? For the most part, the services don’t cost much, and they put you in contact with others that are either interested in services like yours, or requesting services like yours.

So, where can you get started? I’ll tell you my favorite place, and I’ll tell you why it’s my favorite.

Here it is:


With this website, SEO CLERKS, you’re able to post services that you want to sell—say you’ll sell a 500 word blog for $5. Or, you’ll make a website for $150. Whatever your service or talent, you make the ad. You need to think of a catchy title to your ad to get people to click, and describe in the ad both your background (why people should pick you) and what the service is all about.

From there on SEO CLERKS, you’ll be able to select ad-ons and other features you offer with this ad (maybe additional services), your turnaround time, and really anything else you want to feature. It’s really in your hands as the freelancer.

Seller Manage Services Area

Next, a really cool service that will get you noticed more at SEO CLERKS is the Seller—Manage Services Area. After you’ve created your ads, you can actually bump 5 advertisements every 24 hours for free (there is also a paid option), category feature your ad ($50/per ad/month) or highlight your ad ($15/per ad/per month). So yes, it may take a little bit of investment to get noticed, but these prices are pretty affordable.

Category Feature: Use It!

The regular feature program on SEO CLERKS currently isn’t working, but I highly recommend the category feature option, which does work. It’s worth the money and people will see your ad. If they aren’t clicking through and ordering, then you may need to consider changing your title to something better, lowering your prices, changing your ad a bit, or adding a bump and a highlight to it. However, sometimes when people aren’t ordering, it’s because of the price being too high for the website’s clients or the title not being catchy. So yes, your ad needs to be good, and if you’re just getting started, be realistic about price. You may need to do some work just to build up a reputation.

Emails You About Potential Customers For Your Bids

Once you’ve got your ads up and selected, if a person posts a service in your category and is still looking for a freelancer, you’ll get an Email and an opportunity to come bid on the service. This is another great way to get noticed—don’t overlook this feature. It’s led me to some new clients who otherwise would have never found me.

So notice customers can look and order straight from you, but even if they don’t there is a way to get your freelancing on here started simply by watching for those Emails, and posting bids to customers looking to hire freelancers in categories you fit into.

Discussion Forum Activity Can Boost Sales

I’ve also found it very helpful to be active in the forums. You’ll meet clients and freelancers that way and they’ll see you as a more interested and available freelancer than somebody that isn’t in the forums. Basically, you are getting free advertising by participating in the discussions, and I’ve found plenty of interested parties that way.

So if you’re not ready for or, and you want to post a service first to see how things go, I highly suggest this website. I think it’s got more offerings and capabilities for freelancers than many of the other websites out there like it. And it’s certainly easier to break into than say, the overloaded but popular

At SEO CLERKS, you’ll get your feet wet faster. You control the ads and the categories, and you can bid on those open projects that fit you. Really, the sky is the limit here, but the key is to be realistic about the fact you are just starting out either at SEO CLERKS or freelancing as a writer. You aren’t going to be able to get high-paying gigs right away—plan on doing some work for the feedback at first. And if you’re willing to do that, you will get those high-paying gigs.

With these lessons in mind, you should be able to do just fine. Isn’t it time to follow your dream, even if you just want a side income? I’m sure as heck glad I did, and even my lame shortcomings don’t seem to make a difference to my clients. They don’t care if I’m not Martha Stewart, they don’t live near me anyway. And they don’t care if I forgot the milk. They just care about me being a good writer.

So rock on writing, and good luck!


This Week’s Published Articles By Yours Truly

Hi everybody! As always, while I work to build my blog and website dream of making this a place for freelance writers’ free education and job access, I write in my niches. I envision my website will eventually be a place where I can hire some of you as writers to contribute your experiences to teach others as well. As I am in the early phases of generating income to do that, I still write and publish as a fashion, beauty, celeb, and pet blogger.

So, here’s this week’s list of published articles by yours truly. I’d be honored if you read them and eventually I can’t wait to be sharing information like this about other writers that become writers for this website and blog:

Four Little Known Effects of Sleep Deprivation on your Skin

Go Boutique and Help Your Community!

Get a Classic for your Wardrobe…The Little Black Dress!

What do you need for your new puppy?

And to update you all on how my freelance writers’ website dream is going, it’s going great. I am finding loads of love and support from a variety of places. It will take some time to get everything up affiliate wise to generate money to hire writers, but I am totally floored about how well it’s gone. So here’s lots of love back to my supporters. xoxo

Check Out My New Publications!

So I’ve got some new article publications to announce this week. If you want to check out my articles, feel free to. I’d be honored if you read them!

Eventually I hope to share not only my publications, but once I can afford to pay and hire other writers to contribute here, the articles of my website contributors will also be shared on the blog. That could be anyone of you.

So here are three that were published this week. Click on them to view:

Tempesta Media Publications:

Avoid Burning Out at Work With These Few Simple Steps

Best tank tops for women this summer


Is the Fountain of Youth Really Swimming in the Sea?

A Writer For Words: Dr. KL Nelson’s Writing Services Are Available

Dr. K Nelson: Writing Services Available For Order

Want to order a blog or article writing service from me, or some SMM, SEO, WP marketing? My services are now active and alive at, so you can order anytime you need something.

Social Media Marketing Services:

I will write and manage one WP blog post per day, then write and manage 7 of your social media accounts, all with keywords, starting with packages that cost as low as $50 per day. Additional marketing services can also be provided, as well as packaging options.

Click Here to Order.

Article Services:

$5 100 word article post done in 48 hours, two free revisions included. You may add extra packages of 100 words at $5 or $15 for 300 words, or $25 per 500 words. You may order the blog for fast 24 hour delivery.

Click Here to Order.

Content and Copywriting Services:

500 words of content writing or copyrighting can now also be ordered for $20, done in 48 hours, two free revisions included. You may add extra packages of 500 words at $20 per 500 words. You may order the blog for fast 24 hour delivery for an extra $10.

Click Here to Order.

Content and Copywriting Services:

500 words of content writing or copyrighting can now also be ordered for $20, done in 48 hours, two free revisions included. You may add extra packages of 500 words at $20 per 500 words. You may order the blog for fast 24 hour delivery for an extra $10.

Click Here to Order.


So, Do You Want to Become a Beauty Blogger and Break-In? I’ve Got a Job For You!

Let’s face it, a lot of people dream of breaking into the beauty niche. There’s an obvious reason why; it’s just freaking fabulous fun. I get to do it and I love it but yes, I had to kind of scratch my way up that fence with my hard work and willingness to learn a few hard lessons along the way.

Good thing my fence wasn’t made of barbed wire, just my imagination.

Well enough about me, future beauty bloggers, are you ready to get that chance?

I have a personal connection that discussed this opportunity with me this evening, and it sounds like a pretty good thing for you talented writers looking to build up your beauty gig portfolios. It’s regular, it’s weekly, and you’ll get ongoing beauty niche writing work providing you are committed and responsible.

Here’s the pay and the overview right out of the ad

$2 for 500 words and $4 for 1000 words. And its fixed.

Must be able to submit minimum 5-7 articles in a week.

Should maintain deadline strictly.

Innovative writing.

Must be active.

This hired freelance writer will be permanent. If you read the job details, you must mention the word magazine at the top of the application. Experience will be given priority. Freshers are also welcome.

To apply, send a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample. Experience is given preference but freshers are welcome to apply.

If you have freelancer the ad is here if you want to apply:

If not Email:

Good luck to all that apply, and beauty up your freelance writing!

By the way, did I mention I fell down on my rear a few times while I was scratching my way up that beauty niche fence?

But you guys won’t do that—you’re all probably smarter than me anyway. Or at least you’re not me, so in all likelihood, it isn’t going to happen to you.

Tell me if you get the job!


Write Crazy Cool Blogs and a Tip to Save You on Your Days of Content Writers’ Block

Have you ever wanted to write crazy, cool blogs, but aren’t sure how to get started? Blog writing can be both a fun and beneficial way to earn a little extra income on the side while you work from home. But, it takes an amount of talent to create a successful and catchy blog, so there is a certain amount of training required. Today I’m going to give you an overview to help you generate ideas for your blogs, and give you a suggestion about a helpful software tool that can help you generate content on those slow days of content writers’ block.

What are some things you can do to make sure your blogs are both crazy and cool? Below is a list of ideas that should help you produce very effective blogs.

Make It Funny

Writing content that has humor in it is always a great way to make your blog connect with the reader. Most of us love to laugh, and laughter makes customers bond instantly with the blog, so they want to read more. Creating a funny joke in your copy is one of the best ways to keep your readers entertained.

Don’t Be Wordy

Keeping your copywriting short and sweet does a lot for your blog. First, it makes you sound more truthful and honest about whatever your blog is covering, and this goes a long way with readers. Next, blogs are meant to be short, so you need to use your words wisely. People reading blogs don’t want their time to be wasted—they want to be able to get what they need out of a blog quickly. So do that for them by keeping it concise.

Check Out What Customers Say

One way to get an idea for a blog about a company or a product is to check out some of the customer comments. Some of what they say may jog your mind into saying something incredibly cool and clever in your blog. It’s always good to do a little bit of research before writing a blog, and one of the best places to go to is customer comments.

Be Creative

Try to be creative and catchy with your wording. You can do this by adding cool or creative names to products and creating an awesome feel to both your blog or your product. You also want to get in some creative copywriting because you are only able to say so much in so few words, so keep it entertaining. Add a few interesting facts about a company or product people may not know to keep their interest in your blog.

Treat Readers Like Friends

You have to write blogs in a conversational style for them to connect with your readers. One of the best things to do is to think of your readers as if they are your friends. If you treat blog copy like this, your caring and concern will come across, and readers will be more pulled into your blog content. After all, who isn’t more interested in reading about something when somebody seems to care about them?

A Helpful Content Saving Software Hint:

Now, if you have any trouble creating content, and we all have those days, check out the following software to generate some leads in your research: ArticleForge

This software generates article content for you and even rewrites it, although you’re going to have to rewrite the content yourself anyway and do some organizing. My suggestion is to use it primarily as a research tool to get your ideas going for content, and in that scope, it’s fantastic. So far, it’s the best tool I’ve found to help me on those slow content-producing days.

I’ll be writing a more detailed article on the software, how to use it, and the great people over there at ArticleForge I’ve had the most pleasant Email conversations with. So, keep on blogging, and there’s more to come from me on writing and ArticleForge soon!