My Political Satire Got Me To The Top: Ranked #1 US writer at Blasting News

Hi everybody,

Somebody needs to hand me some of the fireworks Joe Dirt said was “the good stuff” because it’s time to celebrate. I am the #1 U.S. ranked writer now at Blasting News, climbed up to the top in less than a month, and love writing my political satire. I’m stunned it’s so popular and also deeply honored.

In under a month, my political satire opinion articles generated so many reads and became so popular, I climbed up the rankings and now hold the #1 Rank US Writer for Blasting News. On a side note, on Twitter Soledad O’Brien followed me before I followed her and read some of the satire column, and Kendall Jenner also on Twitter started liking the satire articles. I’m pretty stunned.

Now since the readers of my articles are helping me generate income that will in part go to the website, which will then let me hire writers wish to write about writing tips, jobs, and education and that also want to build up their portfolios and kick start affiliate sales to keep it going. The website development for all this has been in progress for about ten days, so I’m excited. But I also want to remind you reading the articles helps give me the capability to start hiring other writers to get the cycle of having the website generate its own income to create freelancing jobs.

So, here is the most recent list of what I’ve done, and let’s virtually celebrate me working hard to get the #1 US rank at Blasting News in less than three weeks. Enjoy!

What I imagine Donald Trump’s advice to Mariana must have been before the speech

When it comes to giving speeches, the Trumps share a common patter of non-preparation

Will it be a First Man or the first nude First Lady?

Clint Eastwood’s comments about Trump’s racism did not make my day

Melania Trump’s the first possible First Lady to do a Photoshoot in her Birthday Suit

The 2016 Election of Trump vs. Clinton is like a bad Tim Burton sequel