When Will The Gender Wage Gap Close? 20, 30, 40 Years? Go Higher

Feminism is one of those words that people either see in a highly positive or highly negative way. Some view it as the path to female empowerment, while others see it as negative movement that has stereotyped other individuals. No matter how you feel about the word or the movement, the fact is, it exists and its debates are ever-present in the backgrounds of our lives, whether you are a man or a woman.

So, what is it you really need to know about feminism? Offered here are ten things to take into consideration the next time you come across that word. Perhaps you will see feminism in a different light after reading this

What is Feminism?

First, what is feminism? Oxford Dictionary defines it as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” But what, in essence, does that really mean? Feminists stand for equal rights based on gender equality, basically. Most men would probably say nowadays that they can accept equal rights—but the problem is, men and women are still far from equal.

Gender Inequality

Some men may wonder if the gender inequality feminists are suggesting exists does, in fact, still exist. We seem pretty modern nowadays, don’t we? The problem is that the feminist argument is more than just an assumption.

What’s the definition of gender inequality?

Gender inequality is the discrimination of a person based on that individual’s sex. However, gender inequality is not just a biological concept, it is also a socially constructed one—meaning our society has typically had specific roles for men and women that seem predefined, and some of this has resulted in gender inequality.

Women in Leadership

While more and more women are attending college in greater numbers to the point where they outnumber men, they are still not obtaining the leadership roles in professional organizations, no matter how hard they work. Only about ten to twenty percent of women in the United States, in fact, hold leadership positions. College educated or not, it seems that if you are a woman, you are less likely to obtain a leadership position

The Year of Equality is 2085

If the United States keeps progressing in leadership roles at the rate it is now at, women and men will not be equal in leadership positions until 2085. Isn’t that amazing?

The Wage Gap

The wage gap is still incredibly unequal. For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns .79 cents. Not much has happened in recent years to close the gender wage gap.

Women of Color

Unfortunately, the gender wage gap is even worse for women of color in the United States. African American women make .63 for every single dollar an American man makes.

College sexual assault is on the rise

Obviously, this is a bit disturbing. College sexual assault could be rising because of the increase in women going to college. However, it makes many women feel unsafe even in places where they should feel safe.

Girls are often denied and education

Around the world, about 62 million girls are denied an education. In a hope to offset this issue, the Unites States created the Let Girl’s Learn program to try and inspire increased education for women worldwide.

Empowering Women Helps the Economy

While more women work, an increase in economies can be seen. Therefore, it benefits everybody to empower women and to allow them equal status on an equal footing.


7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Do you think a great relationship develops because it’s an easy, natural thing? How easy is it after you realize baby makes three—and takes a lot of time away from your marriage? If you think things should be easy, especially after having children, you are doomed to failure. Good relationships take work, especially after children come into the mix. So, if you are willing to work at it, here are seven tips for improving your relationship.

Be Responsible

What do you need? What are you feeling? Hone up to it, be honest, and take responsibility for those things. Don’t constantly look to your partner to make you feel secure—really, it’s your job to find your own security. Fall back in love with yourself so you can love somebody else.

Be Compassionate

If you want to be treated by your partner with compassion, you must also treat your partner with compassion—and yourself with compassion. It’s a good general rule to give kindness to another if you also wish to get kindness.

Be Open to Learning

When you run into a conflict, it is best to open up to learning about yourself and your partner so you can get at the deeper issue, not to focus on winning or losing. The worst thing you can do is to try to control the issue, which can often create more conflict.

Be Receptive to Date Nights

Date nights are important to established couples—early on, couples make time for each other, but after marriage, they can get busy, and kids make you busier. The foundation of any good relationship is time together.

Be Thankful

Try to be positive and remember to say thank you when your partner does even the little things for you. Gratitude is important for a person to feel appreciated.

Be Playful

Make time to play together. If all you both do is work, the relationship will get distant. Try to have fun and see the funny side of things, and laugh together. It will make life, and the relationship, more fun.

Be Helpful

Find projects you can do together. If you are able to work together on things, you will spend more time together and better increase your relationship communication.

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