A Warning About My Political Satire, and About Reaching the #1 US Ranked Writer Slot at Blasting News

This is my new writer tagline:

 “Making people laugh about the 2016 election so they don’t have to cry. If you don’t like me don’t read me, but if you read me, you rock.”

 If you’re curious about seeing all of my political satire writings, as there are now over 30 articles, where I poke fun at both Trump and the Clintons, please see My Blasting News Profile. Remember the readings help out my Writer For Words website, and will create jobs for freelancers.

I left the post that appears below on my Facebook page and stuck it to the top about my political satire for Blasting News. It’s meant to be taken lightly and I wanted to post it here so it went to my other social media accounts. I think it’s important for people to know what my goal is, that I have no agenda, and don’t like either candidate. My FB page has been crazy lately and for the most part, people are debating and being respectful, and much back and forth happens between my readers. I love it.

But there are always a few that just get angry at me or angry at somebody else and do something dumb. Here’s the thing—if people get angry at the writing, grow up. Stop taking things so seriously, realize I don’t always mean what I say, and the point of all of my writing is to make people laugh. So, just get over the fact not everybody’s going to agree with you already, as it will be true for the rest of your life, and get out of your diapers. None of my writing is meant to be taken for truth, I aim for both candidates and don’t like either one, and sometimes I’m acting or saying things I don’t necessarily believe to make a point—as that’s what satire is.

If somebody is reading me and gets outrageously mad at me or another reader that posted something, stop reading me and the page and withdraw. In fact, I’d prefer it that way. If you can’t play with the big boys and girls with respect and education, just go away.

Why be all angry and leave some personal attack on somebody you don’t even know in real life out in cyberspace for everybody to see? After all, my FB page is public. It’s not wise and it’s not like it’s going to change my opinion—and do you know why? Two days ago I became, in less than a month, the #1 Ranked U.S. Writer on Blasting News. I am the most read author ever in the U.S. and did it in less than four weeks, and reached well over one million reads. So, I’ve got plenty of returning readers that are awesome, mature, understand they won’t always agree with me, and still love to read me. And reaching a point like this has humbled me, as I feel honored that so many readers return and like me. But because there are a lot of great readers that come to my column, I have to speak out for them. If you’re actually taking me seriously and getting angry, then you’re not the right kind of reader for me, anyway, nor will you get along with the other readers. So don’t ruin their fun. Realize that your posts that might be personal attacks really can make you look bad and that approach will never make me agree with the way you think about things or stop my pen from writing this way. I’ve got over a million reasons to keep doing what I’m doing. How about you?

To my faithful returning readers—I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks just isn’t even the right word to say how much it means to me.

Facebook Post:


On this FB page, please feel free to disrespect politicians educationally, but respect each other always. Educational debates are always encouraged.  We’re all in this BS election together, after all, and we’re all going down together.

Now for a few warnings. Realize my writing is political satire, it is published as “opinion.” I am an Opinion Expert. I’m not arguing my ranting statements are news, they’re entertainment. In fact, if you think I’m trying to be newsworthy here, you’re bat nuttier than I am. And if you can’t take me bagging on your candidate, and wind up irritated and angry with me, know this: because you’re actually taking what I’m saying seriously when half the time I’m putting on a show for a laugh and don’t seriously mean anything, please exist stage left. Don’t assume anything other than that some of this is an act for a laugh and that I’ve got a strange sense of humor.

Also the argument “this is serious and you should not make fun of it” goes nowhere with me. Laughter is the best medicine and creates a lot of enjoyment even when life gets tough. Laughing makes you healthier. So if you haven’t learned to laugh at life, and especially the serious stuff so you can get through tough times, you’ve come to the wrong place.

I make fun of both presidential candidates and all politicians, including your candidate, and probably all the other ones you like. If you can’t take that and it makes you mad at me, go somewhere and grow up. My writing is for mature audiences only and not intended for either children or those with the maturity levels of children. Want to take a swing at me? Know I also make fun of myself, so everybody’s fair game and anything goes with me, sort of like this Jerry Springer show they call the 2016 election. I taught debate, persuasion and effective argument techniques as a college professor for over 16 years, have 4 grad degrees, and love a good educational argument, so good luck.

So for those of you still wearing your maturity diapers, it’s not like I’m the only person on the planet that makes fun of the candidates and loves political humor. This is a long-time, decades old, US trend. I didn’t start it. I jumped on the bandwagon as a poser.

On the other hand, to those of you who are great readers and follow me to read my rantings on a daily basis, can laugh at both sides and enjoy the (slightly insane) satire, thank you. I honestly don’t know why you keep coming back, nor do I understand it at all because I always thought only myself and two other people got my kind of humor. But I’m touched. There are a lot of you, I realize, by now, and you have really made a dream come true for me. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am or the #1 Ranked US Writer at Blasting News, which happened in less than a month. I couldn’t have done it without you. Even though I know you probably don’t agree with everything I say or like all of it, you come back. And although some of you think I’m a few sodas short of a six pack, I’m honored my readers actually like that about me.

Let’s just hope whoever wins isn’t going to take this country straight into Dante’s Inferno, because I like my committed readers too much to enjoy seeing that happen.


My Political Satire Got Me To The Top: Ranked #1 US writer at Blasting News

Hi everybody,

Somebody needs to hand me some of the fireworks Joe Dirt said was “the good stuff” because it’s time to celebrate. I am the #1 U.S. ranked writer now at Blasting News, climbed up to the top in less than a month, and love writing my political satire. I’m stunned it’s so popular and also deeply honored.

In under a month, my political satire opinion articles generated so many reads and became so popular, I climbed up the rankings and now hold the #1 Rank US Writer for Blasting News. On a side note, on Twitter Soledad O’Brien followed me before I followed her and read some of the satire column, and Kendall Jenner also on Twitter started liking the satire articles. I’m pretty stunned.

Now since the readers of my articles are helping me generate income that will in part go to the website, which will then let me hire writers wish to write about writing tips, jobs, and education and that also want to build up their portfolios and kick start affiliate sales to keep it going. The website development for all this has been in progress for about ten days, so I’m excited. But I also want to remind you reading the articles helps give me the capability to start hiring other writers to get the cycle of having the website generate its own income to create freelancing jobs.

So, here is the most recent list of what I’ve done, and let’s virtually celebrate me working hard to get the #1 US rank at Blasting News in less than three weeks. Enjoy!

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